Girl believe in your wings, you are a Queen, and Queen cover before no man


Islamabad: 5 October 2021: Wome are considered as sexual object, they are killed ,raped, kidnapped an dthrown away . Sevral things have been written about them ,but the violence is continued.

US: Woman gang-raped in front of her children after her car broke down near Lahore. 

THEM: She should not have traveled alone at night (literally the response of CCPO Lahore).

US: Journalist Shaheena Shaheen shot dead in Turbat by husband who asked her to stop working.

THEM: She should have obeyed husband.


US: 5 year-old Marwah kidnapped, raped, killed, body burnt, thrown in garbage dump. 

THEM: She should not have been out alone.

US: Gul Panra, transwoman & activist, shot 6 times & killed in Peshawar. 

THEM: Transwomen should hide their identities.

US: Samar Khan, athlete & girl cycling advocate, groped while cycling near Islamabad. 

THEM: Woman on cycle? Aese kese?

US: Minor boy filmed being raped by his tuition teacher Sarang Sahar in Khairpur. 

THEM: The boy should have fought his way out.

US: 17 year-old orphan & only breadwinner of 3 minor brothers stripped naked, gang-raped, filmed near Rawalpindi. Police initially refused to file FIR & rapists were later released on bail. 

THEM: Her clothes. Or the way she walked. Or the way she looked at them. Or the way her sleeves were 1 inch above her elbows. Or the way she breathed. Yes, maybe the way she breathed.


Every day, every night, every street, every market, every corner, every city, every damn place, this is war against our very existence as women & children. You are either with THEM or with US.

Shaheera Jalil 

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