Give up defining yourself, live your life, let other people think whatever they want.

Hyderabad: 11 Nov 2022: "Give up defining yourself,
to yourself or to others.
You won’t die.
You will come to life.
And don’t be concerned with
how others define you.
When they define you,
they are limiting themselves,
so it’s their problem.
Whenever you interact with
people, don’t be there primarily
as a function or a role, but as
the field of conscious presence.
You can only lose something
that you have, but you cannot
lose something that you are."
Eckhart Tolle

"Opinion is really the lowest
form of human knowledge.
It requires no accountability,
no understanding.
The highest form of knowledge
is empathy, for it requires us to
suspend our egos and live in
another’s world.
It requires profound purpose
larger than the self kind of

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