Go places that will allow your mind to quiet


Hyderabad: 8 April 2022: "She likes to go places that will allow her to quiet her mind. Her thoughts were loud. Bellowing in her ear. She can hardly hear herself think at times. They were intrusive and her emotions weren't any better. It was like her thoughts and feelings were at war with each other. One screaming over the other in a courtroom. But when she found a secluded place where she was alone, sometimes they calmed down, other times they still roared within her heart and mind. She had zero control over them. Couldn't stop them from coming. Which is odd for her because she's so organized and in control of her life, managing all facets. Home, work, kids. All at a even keel except the battlefield going on inside of her. The times that she finds that special place alone, even if for a few moments...she never knows if it will work to calm down her thoughts, or if they will stay. She has no power over them. She tries breathing, staring at the wall, looking outside, anything that will distract. Funny thing is...when she is with him....all that slips away. She doesn't have to deal with any of it, her mind is quiet, and she's at peace.

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