Golden man: Police Beaten brutally , mistreated him whereas artist are respected all over the world


Islamabad: 30 April 2022: My Dear Golden man of Islamabad, In Europe and other parts of the world, street performers are respected as artists. People leave everything to watch them and appreciate their talent. You came to Islamabad to earn an honest livelihood when we see thousands of beggars flocking everywhere who are perfectly healthy to work but choose to drug little children for sympathy and carry them around in scorching sun just to earn money without hardwork. But you, my brother chose to work so hard, so creatively. And look what we did to you. We denounced you, hurled abuses at you. We showed no admiration to talent, rather we disparaged it. I am sorry. It was hard to watch you cry. May Allah surround you with applauses and admiration. Allah aap K rizq mein barkat dey! RESPECT brother!

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