Hyderabad: 14 November 2021: Extremely proud of this new generation of Pakistani cricketers, who have rung a paradigm shift in how they are approaching the game. In doing that they have galvanised a nation that finds meaning in their fortunes on the playing fields, from Khyber to Karachi and lands beyond the shores of Gwadar. Happiness is seeing these heroes in action!
While anybody who doesn’t wear prejudice on their sleeve can see the eclectic prowess on the field (see Simon Hughes' tweet), it is the as-still undefined parameters of dedication and loyalty to their calling — defying conventional belief and system — that is awe-inspiring. What more can be asked of them?
A captain who goes into self-denial to leave his mother on a ventilator as he turns the course of history so that that the ghosts of a generational mindblock are exorcised and his opening partner steps out of the ICU to die hard for his country in an act of sacrifice and valour with no parallel in the history of the game is all that future wannabe heroes and us, mere spectators, need to remember when someone gets down to nit-picking about such human frailties as a dropped catch. We thank you Pakistan for being Pakistan — albeit in a new avatar that has taken the cricketing world by storm.To be sure, few expected them to come up with such a compelling riposte to the injustice and insult liberally thrown at them by the game's big daddies with their refusal to tour or engage in backdoor manipulation to isolate the country.
Pakistan Zindabad!

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