Hyderabad: 8 October 2022: HOW TO KNOW IF THEY REALLY LOVE YOU
When you let them see the real sweaty vulnerable awkward ugly unprepared unpresentable unrehearsed you
The you caught off guard and unawares
The you before you put on the mask
Or put on clothes and airs and graces
Before you know what to say and how to say it
The one the world doesn’t see
The private you
The secret you of desires, appetites, longings
The you that is tender, vulnerable
Sometimes upset
In a mood
Harder to find
The you before you are “ready”
The real you
The inner child you, the shaky and unsteady you
The unwashed and unfinished you
The you you don’t let the world see
The you before the airbrush, the trendy clothes, the aftershave, the wise words
The you when you’re half asleep, or scared, or fumbling, or dribbling, depressed, sick, out of sorts, confused and overwhelmed by life
When you let them see all of that
All of you
And they love you anyway
And they don’t shame you
And they hold you there
And they see how human you are
How you struggle and strive and seek
And they love you more
In spite of your flaws
Or perhaps because of them
They love you more
And they are proud of you
Like Jesus with the lepers
Like human love that is divine love
Like divine love that is human
When you fuck up
and say the wrong thing
and forget what you are doing
and fall on your face
And they love you anyway
And they keep on loving you
Then you know
They really do
love you

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