Hamas is the ideology, we can not defeat, Israel military and Netanyahu rifts


Palestine: 20 June 2024: Israel military spokesman's comments about Hamas' defeat deepen his divide with Netanyahu
Daniel Hagari challenges Netanyahu, stating that it is "throwing sand in people's eyes" to see Israel's ultimate objective in Gaza as the impossibly difficult task of conquering Hamas.

Media  is reporting from outside of Israel due to an Israeli government ban on the organization.

Israel's military spokesperson has questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's declared objective of eliminating Hamas in the Gaza Strip in order to bring the war to a conclusion, exposing a growing divide between the army and political leadership of the nation.

In an effort to destroy the armed organization in charge of the besieged enclave, more than 37,000 Palestinians have died throughout the nine months of fighting, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari told Israel's Channel 13 program on Wednesday that the task was impossible.

The military quickly issued a clarification, saying it was “committed to achieving the goals of the war as defined by the cabinet” and that it has been working on this “throughout the war, day and night, and will continue to do so”.

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