Happy Father's Day to all of the hardworking men who selflessly sacrifice to make sure their children are raised well ..


Hyderabad 19 june 2o22, Shout out and Happy Father's Day to all of the good, honest, hardworking, gentle, and faithful men who selflessly sacrifice to make sure that they are present and their children are raised well - with hope, love, and truth, and a secure sense of self-worth. We see you and are so grateful. Please know that you can never be replaced. And that now, more than ever, the world needs your strength.

Happy Father's Day to all of you great men -- heroes -- fighting against all of the odds... to make your children, and the mothers of your children proud. Thank you, and I salute you! -Nina
To those who understand the crucial role of the father and take that responsibility seriously:
We see how hard you work to ensure that your kids will learn the right values, and that they feel safe and cared for. That each of your children, regardless of sex, interests, or personality will be given all that they need to form healthy attachments and develop a strong personal identity.
We see how you interact with your little ones, cuddling and reading to them when young, teaching them to ride bikes and play sports, about honest and fair competition, and how to use their bodies in healthy ways. We see you showing up for the school events and staying in touch with teachers, keeping on top of bullying, and making sure to help with homework when needed.
We see you introducing great music, interesting stories, nature programs, and your favorite teams and sharing these favorites *together*.
We see you take your children to the hospital when there's an emergency, sit by their side, tend to them when they're sick, carry them when they're weak, and encourage them to get up when they fall.
We see those of you who get up on a weekend morning to make breakfast, or burgers for a Sunday Dinner. We see you pick up pizzas for a Friday night, pull your weight around the home and do what it takes to help mom. And we see you show example of how mothers should be honored.
We see those of you who model servant hearts and take lead in matters of spiritual importance -- who walk your talk, model integrity, and treat others well - as you want to also be treated.
We see how you make sure to talk with your kids and have discussions about what troubles or concerns them, and guide them towards what you think will make their futures bright.

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