Happy New Year 2022 , New Year should not be reflection of previous one..


Hyderabad: 31 December 2021: Midnight will shine tonight. May things come to your eyes, that the very next day — is related to no more kissing old wounds, to not looking back at hopes that never occur, no more lingering into faded promises and spilled vodkas… God, why do we romanticize them so much. Honey, this time around, dreams and wishes would fill the lungs. Skin would glow a new. Blood rush and we would live along with dead stars, a reminder that life don’t always have to be bliss and perfect. Tonight, we would toast wine to never getting confused again to red flags and flaws, ‘cause they were never the same and that we deserve more than a fleeting happiness. This is more than a redemption, and this is ours. Happy New Year!!!!

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