Have you ever heard that reality is us watching a shadow on a wall?

Hyderabad: 13 March 2023: You might like this... You know the higgs field right? Its the fabric of space that a wave travels on. String theory is the only logical thing that this field could be made of. So a photon is but 1 string vibrating with intense energy. Space itself is non vibrating strings a wave is the photons vibrating string rubbing off on the nonvibrating space strings, which is the higgs field. The higgs field is collapsing on itself which is what is causing expansion. Think of a 1 meter diameter ball in a 1 km2 field. If the ball shrank to 10cm, the ball still feels as if it is 1 meter but its 1km surroundings would appear to vastly grow to 10km in size comparison. This is what expansion is as the higgs field collapses. The more dense the strings, the further distance appears to grow. So technically if you get rid of the strings in an area. Time and Distance would collapse to zero and point a would become point b.
Have you ever heard that reality is us watching a shadow on a wall? The strings are the wall and we are watching the energy. No strings? No time, no distance, no existence. Say you have a cup 1 meter infront of you. The strings that make up that cup could be a million lightyears away from you, but because there are no strings anywhere in that distance. You don't perceive the existence of that space and all that distance closes like a vacuum to what you see and perceive. The distance is there, you just cant see it cause the only thing your conscience registers is space and time which is echoed off strings.

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