Having you is a complete manifestation of daydreams


I guess when you love a person and you decided to commit, you are aware of all the consequences along the way. When you get into relationship you gave this person the consent to give you different kinds of feelings, and we can't scape that at some point we'll get hurt.
But know that relationships isn't always beautiful, there are ugly days, boring days, arguments, and some times it's gonna be confusing. But just because you became confused doesn't mean you will give up easily. That's not how mature relationships do. If you have the balls to start a relationship because it gives you butterflies, then have the courage to save it before it falls apart.
You know love can be so complicated one way or another, but you must give it chance when you know it's worth it. Don't let another regret add another weight to your baggage. Love always deserve a chance to proved it's worth it. Give it a shot so you won't regret it. It'll hurt of course but on the top it all, you know much weight will be released once you give it a try. So no what ifs will be left hanging. And if it's not gonna work out no matter how, well at least you did your best to save it.
Yes we shouldn't beg people to stay, we should never chase people that wasn't meant for us, but we must never give up easily on a love that once gave us the meaning of living. If it's really not for us, know that God will do anything possible to give us a hint, that we must save ourselves a little pride and respect. That's when you need to let go, but don't regret being hurt by that. Because that pain is part of love. That pain is the collateral damage of yours. That's part of that chapter. You cannot change that, and that's okay. Don't be ashamed about it, because that's what makes you stronger to face another chapter of your life. You'll be fine once you learn to forgive that chapter, and turn another page for a new beginning.
They say the more you love, the more you'll get hurt. And I truly believe that. Because you can never be hurt too much, if you don't really love that person. Perhaps that's the perks of having a pure love to give, you will get hurt big time, because you gave all at once. I guess that's the disadvantage of being so generous in loving someone, you'll always be the last to moved on.
But hey, that's alright. You are such a precious one for being so soft, so don't be afraid to be weak when you feel so hurt. Let the journey taught you how to move on. Don't rush everything, you can't do it in a day.
Trust the process of moving on. You'll get there one day. For now let yourself bleed until no pain left in you about this certain chapter. Until forgiveness came voluntarily. That's when you know you're not gonna bleed the same pain again. That's when you know you're going to be okay somehow.
You're strong darling.
You're going to be okay again.
Yes you can.

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