Heads of various universities of Sindh, social reformers urged the government to rehabilitate the rain victims

Hyderabad : OCTOBER 18, 2022: Heads of various universities of Sindh, academicians, leaders of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and social reformers have urged the government to take urgent steps to rehabilitate the rain victims by providing them with food and draining standing water in the fields and such strategies. Actions should be taken to avoid such disasters in the future.
Group of companies SAFCO, SSF and SMCL put together a program for the days of 15th, 16th and 17th October to mark the special anniversary on 17th October 2022. In which October 15 was celebrated as International Rural Women's Day, October 16 as International Food Day and October 17 as International Poverty Eradication Day.
The program was held at Crystal Hall Indus Hotel Hyderabad in which group of companies SAFCO, SSF and SMCL founder Suleiman G Abro, Prof. Dr. Rafiq Chandio, Nabi Bakhsh Sathio Vice President of Chamber of Agriculture, Dr. Rubina Provincial Head FAO, Dr. Prof. Mohammad Ismail Kunbhar, Ms. Shahida Talpur Women Chamber of Commerce, Nadeem Shah, Mahmood Nawaz Shah, Dr. Khalil Ahmad Vice Chancellor Latif University Khairpur, Dr. Fateh Mari Vice Chancellor Agricultural University, Prof. Ijaz Khor and women, youth and farmer related to rural areas participated on a large scale.
Speaking at the welcome ceremony, Mr. Sulaiman G. Abro said that these kinds of destructions prevent us from moving forward, which are obstacles in the way of joining the stream of development. We appeal to the Sindh government to develop such strategies that will make our country wealthy including Sindh. He said that protests are taking place all over the world due to lack of food, which cannot be ignored.
Vice Chancellor of Latif University Khairpur Dr. Khalil Ahmad said that the situation after the flood is that the tent was being sold for 30 thousand but the affected people did not get it.
Due to the lack of awareness we have forgotten the traditional ways of preserving food. SAFCO has made people happy by doing today's program. Vice-Chancellor of Agricultural University, Tando Jam Dr. Fateh Mari said that our institutions were not active during the disaster and human resources were not available. Even at the international level, we did not receive the required assistance. He said that there is a need to research to grow crops geographically compatible with all the regions of Sindh, including Laar, Kachhi, Madhal, in order to deal with the ravages of floods. He said that not only the agriculture of Sindh has been affected by the flood, but fifty percent of the students will not be able to pay the fees of universities.
Senior Vice President of Sindh Abadgar Board Mehmood Nawaz Shah said that women's development is less when they work harder than men in agriculture. He said that 100 billion rupees have been given to the textile sector as subsidy on electricity but agriculture has been neglected. In the manifesto of the three major parties, agriculture has the key importance, yet they are not giving importance to it. He said that the federal government has set a target of 28.8 million tons of wheat production while last year's production was 26 million tons. Therefore, the official statistics are not reliable. He said that there will be a shortage of 6.7 million tons of wheat in Pakistan next year.
Prof. Ismail Kanbar gave suggestions and said that the eradication of poverty for the next 20, 30 years seems difficult because the government has not been able to formulate any such policies. So far, the damage caused by the rains has not been assessed, nor has adequate measures been taken to restore the people. The people of Sindh are helpless; the government should be asked why the relief work has not been done yet. He suggested that agricultural production should be increased, food should be healthy, food, and vegetables, milk and other foods should be researched and increased. Food policy should be reviewed; loans of farmers should be right off. Financial support should be given to drain the stagnant water and plant new crops.
Leader of Chamber of Commerce and Small Traders Daulat Ram, Leader of Women Chambers of Commerce Zahida Talpar, Vice President of Sindh Abadgar Board Nadeem Shah, Professor Rafiq Ahmed Chandio and others also addressed on this occasion.

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