Her Eyes are Alluring sensual love that would pull you in so deep that you will forget to breath

Hyderabad: 13 May 2022: Look into her eyes. What do you see? Alluring sensual love that would pull you in so deep you forget to breath? Innocence and kindness showing you a compassionate soul that makes you wonder what hell she's been though to make her so understanding, and willing to try to see the good in people- giving more chances than they deserve. Sadness and sorrow where it makes you feel an ache in your chest as to how much she's lost and the pain of those losses. Strength and brokenness you see and it makes you smile and kills you. You admire how strong and independent she is, yet dislike how broken she really is hiding it so well behind tears and smiles. Trust and safety- letting you know that she feels completely safe and at ease with you. Not only physically, but with her emotions and mind. Passion and darkness that with each lustful carnal glare she gives you as you're moaning above her- her eyes silently goading you, daring you- saying 'is that all you got? Love me harder'. And you will. You will take her again and again because you can't get enough. Of her, and all you see in her.

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