Her touch,scent,voice and her gaze, he wanted it all. Her charms and tempting seduction was irresistible


New York: 11 June 2022: "She was his Annabel Lee. The one he couldn't get out of his mind. She was permanently stamped in his heart never wanting to lose her. Her touch, her scent, her voice. Her gaze. He wanted it all. Her charms and tempting seduction are that of Lady Macbeth ready to wrap him in her web. She was Elizabeth Bennett with her sensible thinking, good judge of character and her love of dance. Yet she was Maleficent, an unyielding strong force who can take down the most ready of armies and come to the defense of others hastily. But most surprisingly, with all that she possessed, she was lost like Alice. Always ready to fall. Always curious and cautious. Always vulnerable despite her strength. Shedding more tears than she can count. And that softness and vulnerability made him want her even more.

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