Hira mani justified those husbands, who taunt their wives for over weight

Khadija Abbas
Hyderabad:6 May 2022: Who is going to tell Pakistan cheater's association (women's wing) ki chairperson, aur "Mera Pati, insan nahi parmeshwar hai" organisation ki brand Ambassador, that body shaming is not justified even if you are too high on your Mani-complex. Who is going to tell her that non-actresses who do not enjoy same privileges as her get divorced only because of their weight or inability to lose weight after child birth. Not every woman has access to domestic help to lookafter children like her so they can focus on themselves in gyms. Not every woman has weight related issues because they eat too much, rather due to PCOS and other hormonal issues! Husbands and wives don't "taunt" each other. They support and lift each other up. No one should ever lose weight to impress someone else! It is a personal journey, for one's own health and self-acceptance. Also, not every husband is Mani jo apnay connections use kar K humein industry mein break dey, so you keep worshipping him sweetie. Inferiority complex bari pyari cheez hai :')

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