His Eyes followed everywhere with a glare of wanting and knowing more...

Hyderabad: 3 April 2022: We met through a mutual friend. Within seconds there was an instant attraction. A pulsating urge to know more. Your eyes followed me everywhere in the room. A glare of wanting. I was taken back by your strong instant longing. Days passed after that and we talked everyday for hours. We were infatuated. We met after work one night. Went to a favorite burger place off the beaten path and listened to Cole Porter. You drove the whole way with your hand on my knee. Once back at your house, we devoured each other. Noises never made before. You introduced me to Tori Amos for the 1st time. The song "Little Earthquakes" was playing. Little did I know that song would shape what we became in the end. All consuming, devouring, insatiable craving, and firm roughness. Months went by of meeting routinely. He told me he loved me. I wasn't quite there yet. He stood steadfast waiting patiently. Slowly I grew to love him. That just made the passion more intense. As time went by, little earthquakes would pulsate between us, ripping us apart with each rumble. The song became reality. Loud voices and resentment grew because he wanted more, which couldn't be. So we crumbled before our very eyes. As intense as we started, we ended just as intense. The little earthquakes became one big explosion that could never repair itself. We were ripped into pieces never to be glued together again. All that remains are the memories, and the tiny rips inside me remembering what we had until it changed 360 and broke. Now you're just a distant memory I wish never happened, but appreciate the lesson I needed to learn".

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