How long you can beg someone to sty in your life...let them go , protect your mental peace

Hyderabad: 6 May 2022: I'm at the point of my life where I stopped begging people to stay in my life. I got tired of doing that, and I don't wanna be that person anymore. It took me years to build my self-love, and I wouldn't let anyone to ruin it this time. Not anymore. It took so much courage and bravery for me to trust someone, and once it ruined, it'll take so much of me to love again. So if anyone would dare to come and want to be part of my life, I want this person to be aware of how hard it'll be for me to take the risk again. I'm not building my walls high, I'm not closing doors, but this time I want someone who is patient enough to understand me. I'll work on to be the better version of myself, because I know if anyone would dare to take the risk on me, this person deserve the better version of me.

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