How to easily avail a scholarship in foreign country

Hyderabad: 9 Sep 2022: PROCESS IS EVERYTHING: This is the main reason I hate consultants the most. Most selfish and senseless profession ever. They throw students to such low-standard universities where they can never grow. And students are equal culprits in this situation. Why have you wasted your 16 years if you cannot even think logically about what is better for you? I even know the students who complete the process and still don’t check the university website or ranking. I met a girl once at the visa office. I told her about my scholarship, and she denied saying scholarships are fake. I asked why she said my consultant said…This is the situation!
BE DETERMINED AND CONSISTENT: It's our instinct that we want everything right now and wants the easiest shortcut to get that. That's the reason we ask questions like, ‘I want to go abroad, ok, but I don’t want to spend my year preparing for the scholarship.
SELF VICTIMIZATION: Please don’t blame others for your circumstances. Self-pity is the worst thing ever. Everybody assumes they are in the most vulnerable situation, and everything is against them. If you assume my class fellow is at a certain position and I am not because I have certain responsibilities, etc., no such thing exists. You see people at a certain level, but you don’t know how they achieved that; you can never fit into another person's feet.
DON’T BE FINANCIALLY DEPENDENT ON ANYONE: For me, earning money for your education is your responsibility. It's okay to ask for money until graduation. But after that, whether male or female, first earn your money and then spend it on your further education, even if you belong to the Elon Musk or Bill Gates family. In our culture, we are privileged, spending our parent's money. In my opinion above 18, job/internship should be compulsory to students, First Earn & Do whatever with it(buy iPhone, wear Gucci, Prada doesn’t matter)
EDUCATION IS A LONG-TERM INVESTMENT: This is what I want to convey to every student who wants to study abroad. Kindly don’t involve in any unethical activity or illegal job. Getting admission abroad is not your gateway to only earning. Please understand, focus on your studies, build connections, and everything comes later. Try to balance both, but please don’t sacrifice your studies to earn more. I know many students doing odd jobs and, after securing a degree, still doing the same odds job because they never focused on studying to get a better job.
WHY RANKING MATTERS: The last time I posted about going into a good ranking institute, many contradicted it. But I am still stuck on this point; except for the fee perspective, I don’t think there is any statement that can negate this. Remember, it's not about the curriculum or syllabus; it's about the intellectual aura, the opportunities and the diversified environment in top universities, and it's unmatchable!
TRY TO BE PRODUCTIVE: Time is a treasure; don’t waste it scrolling social media and watching useless TikTok. Spend this time learning and be aware of everything that comes your way. Spend at least 3,4 hours a day reading a book, doing some online course, or learning a skill. You will never regret this!
BROADEN YOUR PERSPECTIVE: Alarming situation is negativity infused in our youth. I feel pity for those who spend their precious time criticizing others. We care a lot about others, what they think, and what they say, but we don’t indulge in constructive discussions about how to make ourselves better every day and how we can be productive and useful to others.

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