I'm pretty, but ain't beautiful, I sin but not the devil, i'm good but no Angel


Hyderabad: 21 November 2021: Here I am, sitting on the balcony, under the grey skies. Sipping coffee, and watch as the wind and rain intertwined. Remembering all the things I went through, recalling about how I want my life would be ten years ago, figuring out what's going on lately, and smiling at the thought of how I made it to this day. Funny, I still find it funny up to this moment.
Looking at the clouds and wonder, could it possible to wake up the stars in this state of weather? Nothing, I'm just hoping they can give me glimpse of hope that this life will be worth it. It might be so risky asking the stars to come aligned this time, for this gloomy skies is where they hide from, but knowing I have traces of sparks, somehow gives me hope. Even without so much metaphors, nor poetry in my mouth, I wonder if universe could hear me. Up there, to where they shine, could universe give hope to this lonesome soul? I may not seen how it will work for now, but I'm hoping one day waiting will be worth it.
And like a stubborn kid writing on her diary, I'll ask God to make all my dreams come true. So that when I'm no longer around, rest assured my soul will be at peace, knowing my loved ones are all doing okay. I'll grab every chance of happiness this life will be given,
and I'll try my best to serve the purpose God has written for me.
On this sheet I pledge my life, to whom owns it, will have it all. May the pieces I've tried to fix find each perfect place, even if I'm not around anymore. My existence is whole written diary, and with all my strength I'll try to make it to where it supposed to end. To this day forward, I'll make each page filled with courage and bravery. And if my time comes to end, may the words I've written build strength to anyone who needs it.
If I can no longer witnessed the night, I hope on the day I bid goodbye, may the night comes with great sparks and the moon eclipsed. It maybe too much to ask, but I wish for moonlit sky, for the shooting stars to come, and for the stars to keep shimmering till dawn. I wish for a night that is so perfect that nobody can forget. So that even if my memory vanished someday, they'll remember that night, when the sky shines the brightest. And that would be a dream come true to me.

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