I am a woman not a parcel

London: 29 June 2022: Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor broke the internet on the 27th of June with news of their pregnancy. The Internet was abuzz with both congratulations! and speculations about the couple's prompt pregnancy. Here are some of the latest stories making the rounds on the Internet!
Claims that Alia was pregnant during her wedding. Fans are claiming that Alia Bhatt was already pregnant before her wedding. One fan dug up wedding photographs of the two lovebirds to prove his theory. He claims that in most photographs, Alia can be seen placing her hand on her belly, making people believe that she was already expecting! Alia is already in her second trimester
Following this train of thought, fans are speculating that Alia has been pregnant for a while already as they claim that expecting mothers usually get their sonogram 7 to 8 weeks into their pregnancy. The announcement was supposed to come out last month
Fans also believe the happy couple has been dropping hints about their pregnancy since last month when Ranbir posted a video of him playing with a young child on a movie set. Apparently, the fact that Ranbir was wearing the same baseball cap and grey shirt as he was in the picture that Alia posted announcing their pregnancy confirmed their suspicions! Alia scheduled her shoots to wrap up before her pregnancy
Other sources even go so far as to claim that the couple has known about their pregnancy for so long that Alia even planned her shoots in such a way that they would wrap up by end of July! The rumour mill churned with talk of Ranbir going to the UK to pick up Alia after her shoot for ‘Heart Of Stone’ wrapped up. Alia expressed her irritation at the misogynistic notions that she would stop working due to her pregnancy claiming that “Nothing has gotten delayed!! No one needs to PICK anyone up I am a woman, not a parcel!!!”
Gender-neutral toys
It's been only 2 days since the announcement, but the internet is already thrumming with speculation over what kind of decor the star parents will pick out for their nursery. Fans believe that they will follow in the footsteps of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli and use a gender-neutral palette for their child.
Ranbir to get a tattoo of his baby’s name
Apparently, Ranbir Kapoor claimed in an interview that he would tattoo either the number 8 on his body or the name of his child. Perhaps the big baby reveal was only the first surprise in store for fans!

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