I am the Guarded girl, more deep and complex than what I portray


Hyderabad: 27 March 2022: See me for who I am, and not just the girl I want you to see in that moment. I show very little. I'm not open with many. I'm a guarded girl. I'm more deep and complex than what I portray. There's so much more to me than the surface I allow you to see. Look below the surface and you'll find chaos, tragedy, heartache, brokenness, and pain that would cut anybody deep. Yet you'll also find deep love, raw honesty, sensuality, kindness, and a compassionate soul. If I'm open with you, have deep conversations with you, open up my mind and heart to you- then I'm showing you the total me. I'm showing you the rawness of my soul. The dark and the light. Don't take that for granted, and never misuse it. It takes a lot for me to trust and be open with somebody in that way, so if I am...You better believe you're somebody very special."--
Michele McKenna, Simple Elegance

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