I dream of conversations we never had.


Hyderabad: 15 August 2022: "She has good days and bad days. A good day is when she smiles and means it. Laughs and means it. Enjoys something she loves...and means it. Doesn't cry alone and then surface publicly like nothing happened. No fakeness to not burden others. On a bad day? She's drowning. Feeling depression and anxiety in one. Feeling and thinking too much. She feels like she hits a wall. Staring blankly at it. Not knowing where to turn or which way to go. So she just stays there because she can't make decisions. She's indecisive often when she hardly ever was. So she stays put at the wall, feeling everything, yet feeling nothing and being numb. Insecure and unsteady. The only thing holding her up is the wall, and Him."

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