I ll meet you there has been Banned in Pakistan due to having challenging thoughts and ideas


Hyderabad: 9 March 2022: Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on June 26, 2021 said the world values original content and not imitation, as he criticised the films produced in Pakistan, which "copy" Bollywood. The premier further elaborated: "I have seen the inception of Pakistan's film industry, we started copying Indian films after some years." The prime minister went on to say Pakistan began adopting foreign cultures instead of promoting its own through the films. "Bring original ideas and don't be afraid of failure", "The world values original ideas". Yes, “The world values original ideas” and that’s why @illmeetyoutherethefilm was the Grand Jury Award Nominee at the prestigious SXSW 2020 and thereafter was in competition at a number of renowned film festivals including Bentonville Film Festival and Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. Yes, “The world values original ideas” and that’s why some other film projects produced by me have been endorsed by Festival de Cannes and have premiered at Venice, Sundance, Palm Springs, Locarno and AFI among others and I’ve been invited to attend Venice Biennale College Cinema, Produire au Sud, Festival de Cannes Atelier at Cinefondation and Open Doors Hub at Locarno to name a few.I share with utter disappointment with all of you that I'll Meet You There - Bismil which was scheduled to release across Pakistan tomorrow 11th March 2022 has been banned by the Central Board of Film Censors, Islamabad and we’ve been informed that they are pleased to refuse to grant censorship certificate in favour of the said film.

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