I love those moments when you complete my lines for me. love it when you even say exactly what I wanted to say


Hyderabad: 30 /8/2022: I am a lazy person. And I am a private person as well. I exchange a hello and a laugh. But beyond the small talk, it’s very hard to get anything out of me. I kind of preserve my private life. I think putting everything out for everyone will ruin whatever little I have of my own. So yes, I have built a wall around me, and there is only one small window to peek in. But for you, I break the whole wall down. I hold your hand, smile at you, and pull you in. Why? Because I adore you. I want you there. I want you to know everything that has happened to me, the good, the bad, the funny, and the epic. And it’s not that I need someone to share these memories with. No. I am absolutely fine to keep them wrapped in my heart. So it’s not an emotional need to tell someone. I just want you to be my special person who knows more about me than perhaps even I do. It’s like I am taking a backup of all the memory files in my head. It’s like I am writing a personal diary. And you are that human diary for me. With our every conversation, I write a few lines from the core of my heart, raw, honest, and pure.
Why? Because I trust you blindly. And that makes you special, very, very special. Today, I want you to know that. I want you to know that I have reserved a very special place in my heart for you. It’s your home there. You will always beat inside me. I know you are a pain in the back. I know you irritate me like hell. But the pure feeling between us is just too magical. I want to own a part of your heart too. I want to be that special person for you as well. I want us to stay that exceptional constant in this daily-changing world. And yes, when you remember the little things I told you years back, it makes my heart fill up with gratitude and love. I want to hug you right there and then. But I just look at you, my eyes twinkling in thank you. I love those moments when you complete my lines for me. I love it when you even say exactly what I wanted to say. I don’t have that soul to soul connection with anyone else. And today, I wanted to thank you for everything. Stay with me, forever.

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