I made too many wishes when I was younger.

Hyderabad: 26 Dec 2022: I think I made too many wishes when I was younger. I didn't know life back then. Didn't realize it's not always a sunny day, or how the rain would eventually bring sadness instead of happy moments. Everyone's just so lost inside their own bubble now, trying to reach for the stars, giving their all with each passing day. And I totally understand. I, too, am fighting.
I remember I used to make and play with paper planes when I was little. They never reached the skies, but somehow, that has always been enough to put a smile on my face. Our ceiling was my clouds back in the day. I hope I can be like those paper planes. I hope that if my best is not enough to shine bright like a star in the night-sky, and my flight is too low to even dance with the clouds, I'm still able to bring happiness to the beautiful souls around me. That somehow, despite my failures and shortcomings, I'm more than enough. Because I can live with that.

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