IBA student expelled on mentioning harrasment at campus

Attention Students and Feminists!!! In August this year a Student at #IBA broke the 'cardinal' rule. He publicly spoke on his Facebook about harassment of a female staff member by a male staff member on campus. What ensued was a series of protests by students of IBA. But instead of providing relief to the female staff member and encouraging the student Gibrael for speaking the truth, IBA lead by its Dean and Executive Director #AkbarSZaidi appears to be punishing both. For the past 4 weeks Gibrael has been subjected to the Disciplinary Committee which has demanded that Gibrael deletes his facebook post about the harassment incident and issue a public apology to IBA on Facebook where as the female staff instead of being helped by the harassment committee is being intimidated into silence. Today it has been learnt that the Disciplinary Committee has recommended for expulsion of Gibrael effectively ruining his academic career and future prospects. It is most unfortunate that the premier business school of Pakistan appears to be patronizing harassers and creating a hostile working environment for some of its female staff members and punishing whistle blowers. What makes it even more sickening is the fact that IBA's current Executive Director is a famed author and academic who lectures and writes Opeds about progressive politics and need for it's revival and is a member of the organizing committee of the #ThinkFest conference which is supposed to encourage open dialogue and brave ideas but apparently when it comes to following thoughts with actions our hypocrisy is on display.

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