If Allah wants it for you, it will be yours


I am an ordinary person, observing and trying to learn. It was a dream to do something for my country, to be of any use for the land. I wanted to join the Army when I was a child, but circumstances changed when I grew up. I started working even before I turned 19 and was lucky enough to get a government job. I did my graduation and then completed my master's degree while working. Stepping out into the practical life, it was hard to cope with certain things but by the will of Allah I walked through them. It was all for my family.I cleared CSS in my second attempt and I am thankful to Allah that He gave me the courage to do it. My family supported me through the whole process, when I lost the motivation after failing first attempt, when I was about to go into depression, when it was hard to face workplace issues, when I decided to appear for the second time, when it was tough to prepare for the interview, when most of the candidates from Punjab were worried about allocation and there is a long list but it all happened because Allah is with me. Through this journey, I found some good friends who helped me work on my shortcomings. I still remember the day when the final result came out, there were tears in the eyes of the whole family, Allah itna bi Maherbaan hota hai hum gunahgaroon par. Alhamdulillah

It all started with a dream.
Anum Sidique
Office Management Group
47th Common

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