If she is being kid with you, man, you are the gentle man ,and you are everything for her


Hyderabad: 17 \8\2022: What do you see when you look into her soul? An abyss of sadness, pain, hurt, loves lost, memories, and treasured loves she holds dear?
Do you dive in and learn her and understand her, and swim in her waters? Or do you run for cover not wanting to get wet. Do you know how to calm her chaos, sadness, and insecurities? Do you know how to calm the storms in her heart and excite her? On the days she isn't sad, do you add to her happy mood making her elevated and full of smiles? On her sad days, do you make her feel loved, understood, and calmed? Be all that. Be her safe place. Be her calm when her storms rise. Be her steady hand when she's turbulent with uncontrollable sobs for no reason she can rationalize. Be her strong sounding board when she was that for everyone else. Be her breathing easy when it gets too much for her. Be her home. Be her love that is beyond compare to any other she has known. That's how you'll never lose her".

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