If someone does no stay in your dark days, he does not belong to be in the bright days


Hyderabad: 20 April 2022: It's not every day you'll meet people whose willing to stay in your darkest days, it's not every day you'll meet someone who's brave enough to carry you when you feel weak, it's not every day you'll meet someone who really cares. So when you meet those kind of people or that someone, be thankful, be grateful. Because in your worst days, it's rare to find someone who's not afraid of your darkness.
Appreciate those who chose to stay in times you felt not deserving at all. Appreciate those who loved you even more in times you felt worthless. Appreciate those who acknowledged your vulnerability and never see you any less of who you are. Appreciate those who validate your pain, no matter how small it is. Those who embraced you when you feel exhausted and helpless, without having to weigh your worth. These people or this person is surely a treasure you should keep inside your soul. Never let them feel taken for granted, for they surely treasure you the same.
In this madness of living, lucky are those whose surrounded with good people. Because no matter how hard life will be, no matter how complicated things might get, having someone to run to is such a gift. Someone you can be comfortable talking about your worries without any doubt, because you know you'll be heard, and will never be judged. Someone who truly listen and always got your back. Whoever they are, a brother, a sister, a friend, your parents, a relative, a special someone. Near or far, it doesn't really matter, know that presence is never measured by distance. Be thankful having them in your life.
To those who have the courage to stay, to those whose brave enough to carry someone in need, to those who truly listen, to those who acknowledged someone else's silence and never stop caring, a big thank you to each one of you. You are the reason we are able to continue moving forward in this madness of life. Thank you for staying in our darkest days. Thank you for showing us the understanding only few can give. Thank you for being such a blessing to us. Know that we are here for you too. And no matter how weak we are, for you, we will do the same as you do to us. And if life gives you pain, know that we are here to be your rock too.
A big hug for the ones who truly cares, you are a gift we are always thankful for. May God give you more strength and patience. Wishing you all the happiness in the world.

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