If someone is confused in choosing you, and being proud at you....throw that Garbage out from your heart and life

Hyderabad: 2 Feb 2023: Your love leaves me confused. This morning I woke up without you, but this morning is different. I saw the left side of the bed empty, and my heart did not skip a beat anymore. It felt heavy. It's the heaviness of the times without you piling up on my chest. I gave off a weary sigh of acceptance—you're not here, and I can't ask you to be here. Love, I guess you're right. I had no option but to wait for you, because that's all I wanted to do. Maybe that's the reason why you gave me no choice but to understand that somewhere between the pages of your life, my name remained on drafts.
I'm on the waiting list, the plan that you could keep on postponing because, why not? You knew that I'd be here. You know that I'll stay despite all of the puzzles I need to solve so that I can picture out your mind. I guess loving you is accepting words that yearn to stay and actions that push away. Words and actions without unison. Your love leads me down to a cloudy path; I don't know what kind of road is ahead, and I can't feel your hands to guide me; so I blindly walked to you. This morning I woke up without you; last night I slept waiting for you, and right now, I am eating reasons and apologies for breakfast.

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