If you are save in this heavy rain, then kindly be sympathetic, and help the needy.


Hyderabad: 27 /8/2022: Throughout my life, I have learnt to keep a brave face and to keep smiling & cracking lame jokes for others whenever there's a tragedy at hand. Otherwise it becomes impossible to survive. It was just my coping mechanism. But Allah ki qasam... I can't do this anymore.. These videos of flood victims.. a child who was buried alive, 1000s of homes literally slipping away in mud as if no life existed in them.. mothers watching their children drowning.. fathers trying to save the remains of their livelihood... it is k¡lling me!! The donations so far seem to be so insignificant in the face of this mammoth of tragedy at hand. I am pledging my entire salary towards the Flood victims! This tragedy has surpassed 2005 Earthquake! This is Code red! PLEASE! PLEASE donate as much as you can. Once your own necessities are taken out from your salaries, please donate the remainders. NO Messiah is coming to save us! WE HAVE TO DO IT OUR SELVES!

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