If your educations and grooming do not let you question the things happening around you, then your education is wasted.

Hyderabad: 1 November 2021: It is about time we speak about the most oppressed minority in Pakistan; the DHA walas.
You might think the biggest issue in Pakistan is TLP destroying the writ of the state, or the rising inflation, or the situation in Afghanistan but it actually is the existence of beggars.
We, the DHA walas, buy our houses for 100 million, our cars for 10 million yet when we venture out on the street our eyes have to suffer by looking at poor people through our chanel sunglasses.
It makes us think why can't these people earn money the Halal way? Like our ancestors did by serving the British against the locals and being gifted with land, or our families did by exploiting cheap labour, bribing Government officials and not paying taxes - we earned our sawab but these people choose to stay poor and gunhaygaar.
We also showed our piety by voting for Imran Khan. He is handsome and can speak in English, I even wore an Imran Khan kurta at the last gala and made my friends call me 'Jemima'.
Imran Khan promised to eradicate poverty, he can start by eradicating poor people from DHA. They can continue staying poor, just not somewhere we can see them. I feel sad looking at their hungry faces after spending 10,000 RS on a meal.
I once even almost gave them half of my fillet mignon but then I remembered my dog must also be hungry at home, and he loves wagyu beef.
Enough is enough. DHA is for DHA walas. Sea view should be privatized and the public should be banned from it. People from Nazimabad should not be allowed at the Mcdonalds drive through.
Already the Sindh Government built Iqra University at the edge of defence, we DHA walas have suffered enough. What will they do next to torture us? Build a Szabist in Phase 8?
It is an invasion I tell you, I asked this man on the street for directions the other day and he could not even speak English. Why do you come to Defence if you don't know English? It is phase 6, not marla number chay that you can just waltz here on your bike.
I don't even make friends who have a Honda City, and people are allowed to enter DHA on a City 75? Travesty I tell you.
I demand the Government introduces DHA visas, make people give the IELTS at checkposts before they can enter Defence. Speaking mai atleast 8 score ho only then the can come in.
We said nothing when our houses drowned because of your incompetence DHA, we say nothing when you tell us exposed storm drains are actually roads we can drive on, we also accept we will have to wash our asses with Nestle Pure Life to appease the Tanker mafia but we will not accept looking at poor people!
Atleast learn something form Malik Riaz and have the courtesy to shoot the poor people before you sell us their land!!!!!

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