Ignorance and stupidity ruined Beauty of Northern areas of Pakistan ,Michael Beek


KPK: 2 August 2022: I have just returned from Nanga Parbat, the mountain that has dominated my life since 1981. A wonderful natural paradise such as is rarely found on our planet. I know every side valley, every pass and many mountain farmers without whose help the tourists could not manage a trek. I have often walked around this mountain and been happy. But in the last 5 years everything has changed. There are now 25 hotels on the Fairymeadow and there are so many people that the peace is over. Individuals incapable of walking are carried up on horses with their mobile phones in their hands, sometimes more than 600 in one day. Plastic waste is everywhere along the path, drinking bottles are simply thrown down into the Rakhiot River, nobody cares. It makes me sad. In the meantime, a road leads to Biji (Herrligkoffercamp) in the Rupal Valley, where the rich drive up in their heavy off-road vehicles to distribute their rubbish. Everything is full of plastic waste and the spring river in the base camp is filthy. A hotel is already planned there. A new road is to be built next year up to Latobo Camp and Shaigiri , so that motorcyclists can also reach the highest rock and ice wall in the world. What is happening there in Nanga Parbat National Park. The authorities don't care about anything. No rangers, no waste disposal, nothing. Everyone does what they want and nature is irrevocably destroyed. I am just appalled and angry about so much ignorance and stupidity.

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