Imran khan collected crores in just hours, then why Pakistan remain indebted for years?


Karachi: 5 September 2022: 500 crores collected in just 3 hours in live telethon fundraiser for flood victims. It is really good to know that Khan sahab has finally turned himself towards doing something constructive for the nation and shunned his destruction spree of past 3 or 4 months.
Really appreciated, keep it up Khan sahab, lots of prayers and support for your this noble cause.
On one call of Imran Khan through his telethon, a whooping 500 Crores have been raised for the flood victims! Khan Sahab, I have been extremely disappointed when Jehlum Jalsa was held and we had 5 brothers stranded who couldn't survive alongside millions of families who were affected. But I really hope that every single penny you raised today is used solely for the flood victims! This is a chance for redemption. People donated so much to you because they trust you. Please.. please don't break this trust!
TV compere Shiffa Yousafzai recalls Imran Khan's discipline and exemplary commitment to his own built hospital in a poignant moment of reflection. No wonder he is trusted beyond compare with any other political leader on the horizon.

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