In your life, you have two wolves to deal with. One is Create, and the other is Hate


Hyderabad: 16 Jan 2023: 1. Try to figure out your talent and use it wisely. You're creative, and that's the realistic truth that nobody will tell you.
2. In your life, you have two wolves to deal with. One is Create, and the other is Hate, so it is left for you to choose which one to feed and which to starve.
Create leads to success, a happy life, and a high IQ.
Hate leads to hatred, jealousy, and an unsuccessful life. So choose your wolf wisely and focus on feeding it.
3. “Excuses are essentially lies.”
Sometimes your mind will tell you there's a lot of time to do what you plan, when in reality there is not. The best time to do what you intend to do is now. Those innovators aren't smarter than you. They only use their time wisely.
4. Steve Jobs once said, "Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you." So look inside yourself and find your own talent.
5. It's too hard for me.
It's another tactic that hate uses to hinder you from doing anything. Think of this proverb: "Nothing good comes easy." If you're ready, just tell yourself that now is the appropriate time to start, so just get started now!
6. “It's probably been done.”
Whenever you try to do something meaningful in life, hate will start discouraging you by telling you that someone else has already done it. Skip that thought and do your own; who knows which one the world will accept?
7. Be grateful and Creative.
Don't complain about what someone created. Appreciate his effort and show your gratitude. Consider the amount of time he spent doing it. Don't wait to be perfect before you create something. In the process of doing something, you'll find yourself.

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