Indian film industry is growing, whereas drama is still being made at low story


Hyderabad: 16 March 2022: Conflicts and left out space usually affect a person’s mind. One can feel alone, even in the most crowded places. An uncomfortable space can lead to stress and can affect one adversely. How can one show about a character’s discomfort on screen without saying that? There must be innumerable ways, but Director Rohena Gera showed that metaphorically through the clothes and the background of the space in which Ratna existed. Whenever Ratna is in her own zone or working peacefully, she colour co-ordinates with the background or her bedsheet or something around her. For an instance, Ratna’s saree is in sync with the background wall in the kitchen when she is peacefully working, but as soon as she comes out in the hall, owner’s friend shouts at her and at that moment she seems out of place. Similarly, when she stitches a dress for her sister, her saree is in sync with the pillow cover. And it resembles the same as if they’re made from one cloth. When she hears about her sister getting married and going against her wish of studying more, she seems completely out of space, even when she is in the kitchen and within her own space. The Director showed peace, clarity, conflict, rage, disappointment and all such expressions and state of mind in a very simple and beautiful way.
(This is purely my analysis and viewpoint, something what I felt while watching this film.)

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