Instead of comparing be curious to learn from everyone because we are all unique


Hyderabad: 22 January 2022 You are different so, you don't need to compare yourself to other people.
One of the challenges I faced in my early days in school even at the undergraduate level in the University was that I compared myself to those who seemed to have all the A+ grads.
And whenever some of them had a mark more than me, I will be thinking as if I was not intelligent enough, like I was not like them All these caused a lot of stress to me psychologically.
And the day I was free, was the day I learned that, we are all not the same. In fact, our differences are what make each one of us unique.
So I moved from comparing myself to other people to Learning how they do it. I was curious to learn from people who were better than me in something.
And when I do, I found out that these people I wanted to be like, also messed up at some courses that I was good at. And they will come and we learn together, strengthening our weaknesses by learning from each other's strengths.
So instead of comparing
Be curious to learn from those who are good at something
And learn to appreciate your strengths and uniqueness.

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