Intensity of emotions in love makes it irreplaceable


Hyderabad: 1 May 2022:"My lips tasted of war. Bloody, with barbed wire cutting into my lips.
My heart was beating in pain. As if a sword was perpetually going through it.
My eyes saw sorrow and heartache where my soul screamed out silently but no one can hear it. My hands were unknowingly always clenched in fists apprehensive waiting for the next trauma to happen.
But...He loved me anyway.
He scooped me up and listened.
More importantly, he wanted to understand me. My feelings, my pain, my over-thinking and deep emotions. He wanted to understand all that made me- me.
And He did.
He was patient, kind, and assuring. He put me at ease and calmed me. Even as he stood on the battlefield with me, he held my hand tight and was there. Really with me. Part of me. He went through all my highs and my lows. My good days and my really bad spiral down days. Even when I'm quiet. He was there to listen and understand until I was okay, never leaving my side. And isn't that what deep love is? You're safe.
Him looking into my eyes and just knowing what I'm feeling, or reading my words to him, or hearing my voice explain...and fighting the battle alongside with me together. Looking in my eyes and know I'm such strong character, but just in a dark place right now drowning. He will help pull me out of it together because my happiness matters that much to him that he weathers the storm with me. That's love. That's a love worth enduring any battle that comes. That's a love you want protecting your heart and ruining your bed."
--©️Michele McKenna, Simple Elegance

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