Internal Reminders

Hyderabad: 9 February 2022: If you only knew how it pains me to know you, darling. Don’t get me wrong, your friendship has been nothing short of a blessing to me. And I shall do my very best not to lose it. Having said that, nothing makes this pain of mine subside. On cold nights like this, I want to be the reason you are warm in places you cannot reach. On cold nights like this, I ache to be the reason you lose hours of sleep, only to be worn out and exhausted the next day. And on cold nights like this, I wouldn’t rest until you felt the love I had for you so deeply, your insides were sore. As you walked out the door in the morning, you would still feel where I’d been, baby. You would be left wet from internal reminders of what it means to have your needs met. I would take care of you in a fashion that would please the gods and awakened souls alike. But alas, it is not to be. For you don’t see me that way; and until now, I could understand why. Still, I can’t help but wonder what fires we could have made, on cold nights like this.

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