Irani people and their hospitality

Altaf Malik
Iran: 22 December 2021: Amazing people of Iran. Yesterday we arrived in a small town, Pasaargaad, 120 kms north of Sheraz. It was the capital of Cyrus the great, who's also popularly known as the king of the world. Now a UNESCO world heritage site, the town is famous for Cyrus' tomb and ruins of his palace, garden, court, and carvan sarae.
Actually a village, with many pomegranate and grape orchards, the town doesn't have hotels to stay. Many locals have their old houses turned into guest houses. We are staying in one such house run by Mr. Mujtaba and his wife Sara. They are such lively and kind hosts that we have planned to spend another day enjoying their affectionate hospitality. Since it is Mujtaba's birthday today, I am going to cook aalo-gosht for them . Yesterday, the gentle lady served us traditional Irani food. Mujtaba sang while their 11years old daughter played violin.

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