Irreplaceable gem of Journalism


Karachi: 30 November 2021: Extremely saddened by the passing Muhammad Ziauddin - an old friend of my father's, a mentor to hundreds of Pakistani journalists, a guiding light to all whose lives he touched. A humble, funny, wise man who lived to tell, think and teach others about the this unfathomable enigma called Pakistan.
I found an old clip (from 2008) of him speaking with my father Ghazi Salahuddin, as old friends do, cruising along the river Thames, on a summer afternoon in London. We filmed this for a show I was doing at that time for Geo TV. It's poignant to hear these men talk of their years of covering Pakistan and its politics. The country's issues sadly remain evergreen. At this time Ziauddin sb was based in London, and my father was visiting.
The video has been salvaged from a DVD copy, so excuse the quality of the footage/sound.
Aliya Salahuddin

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