Is CPEC another East India Company for Pakistanis

Quetta: 13 March 2023: Indian Media Claims CPEC is another East India Company for Pakistan!Is it true????
CPEC investment has reach than 70$Billion.This Project has strategic importance for China and Pakistan. Million of Jobs will produce after completed this project. Gawadar is the main hub for this Project.
But Indian claims CPEC is another East India Company for Pakistan.
Let's see
China Has a long Border with Pakistan and They never attacked in Pakistan.
Basically Chinese Govt Believe Mutual Cooperation.
Pak-China friendship is better than America&Israel.
A Chinese General Claims Pakistan is our Israel.
If Chinese do something against Pakistan sovereignty than Chinese Billion Dollar Investment will waste.
China and India Trade potential has reached annually more than 90Billion Dollar. But Indian Media never claims this trade is a threat against India.
But Indian Govt does not believe Regional Cooperation. They are cooperating with America against China.
Indian Govt also participate OBOR project. But They are playing in American hands.One Belt One Road Project has a trillion Dollar worth.........

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