Islam Allow Girls To Ask For a Separate Home, If She Desire After Marriage

Hyderabad: 13 July 2022: This tweet is taking rounds with "kya baat keh di bhai" captions. However it's problematic to the core!
-It is extremely insensitive towards those who have lost their parents! Agr aap K zinda hein tou ye aap ki khush-naseebi hai, apka kamaal nahi!
-From our religious viewpoint, Islam gives this right to a woman to have her own nuclear household. Islam never promoted joint family systems as it puts undue pressure on women as her Devar, jaith, their sons etc are all Na-mehrams for her and she would then have to do Parda at home which is not feasible and possible at all times! So, if a husband can't provide her with a separate house, he needs to provide her with a separate floor or at least a portion with a separate kitchen!
-It is NOT farz on a woman to lookafter her in-laws, but a choice and her kindness alone! Care of parents is Farz on their children, so it is the husband's responsibility to lookafter his parents, not his wife's! And to care for someone, it isn't necessary to live with them in the same house!-Iss logic se larki bhi yateem laaya kijiye kyun K na aap ko uska apnay Maa Baap K pas jana pasand hota hai, na unn ki financial help karna aur na hee unki fikar karna. Larki se tou aap ki demand hoti hai K wo apnay Walidain ko aisay bhool jaye jesay wo kabhi thay hee nahi. Mgr aap K Maa Baap ki khidmat uss pe farz hai! Joint family systems create myriad of issues and often the household responsibilities lie on one daughter-in-law, causing unjustifiable pressure!
If you're marrying to get work done in your house and for someone to take care of YOUR parents, then make sure to reveal your intention BEFORE marriage. Make it clear that you require a domestic helper and a carer, not a wife.

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