It’s okay to miss people, but don’t ever forget why you distanced yourself


Hyderabad: 2 August 2022: “It’s okay to miss people, but don’t ever forget why you distanced yourself.”
The people we spend the most time will massively effect our behaviors, our mood, and our relationship with ourselves and others.
Now is the time to be brave, notice what happens to your life when you’re with people who are disrespectful, condescending, negative, and dishonest.
Become keenly aware of how this plays a role in your energy, and your enthusiasm for life to live each day being your truest, best self.
Stand up, make a plan, and kindly remove them from your circle of influence.
If complete removal is not possible limit the time greatly, and put an invisible shield around you when you’re with them.
Don’t engage, try to change, or be involved. Do the obligatory time and make it short.
But for the most part we can let people go and wish them well, we’re just too afraid of what might happen.
Will they dislike me? Will I be alone?
The unknown is scary, but the pain of the reality of the now is worse.
Enough is enough. You deserve better.
This is your year for being brave and going after the happy successful life you deeply desire.

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