It seems okay on the surface, doesn't mean it won't hurt anymore...


Hyderabad: 16 January 2022: We'll never know how much bravery each of us is carrying inside. Though we know that we can be stronger, we cannot guarantee that we can always win a fight. Because that's the reality of life, we can never be sure of winning. But we must keep moving forward.
But just because it seems okay on the surface, doesn't mean it won't hurt anymore. It's just sometimes it's way better to keep it quiet, so no more chaos can ruin the process. Learn to be more sensitive for others. Just because it seems so easy for you, doesn't mean it's the same for them. We have a different process, respect others' sufferings.
We maybe wear different camouflage every single day, but the pain is pain, and the moment it demands to be felt, the moment it ruined a person, no camouflage can hide it. No bravery can stand it. It's just a matter of time.
Yes, we're not perfect, we can be mean sometimes. But we must remind ourselves to always act with empathy. Because only then we can be more open about our internal battles. Without being frightened about being judged. And maybe only then we don't need to wear camouflage every time we feel weak.

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