Its not the handsomeness that she is looking for, its empathy, communication skills and respect

Hyderabad: 28 April 2022: "Be my anchor. Make me feel safe. Make me feel secure and calm when I'm drowning. Help subside my anxieties and fears. Reassure my emotions and all that you feel for me. Even if you have to reiterate it a couple times that week. Touch me the way only you can- to make me feel craved and desired. When you're with me and you see my body tense up and react to unknown anxiety with my hand in a tight fist by my side, or my foot dancing quickly in place as my leg is crossed....whisper to me to unclench my fist because I don't realize I'm doing it. Put your hand on my knee to steady my leg as your warm touch quickly calms me. Seeing you paying attention to me makes me know you're looking out for me, my well being, my emotions. Help me sleep on your chest listening to you breathe when I have a bad sleepless night. During a panic attack at night when you see me pacing, walking, running in place, and them a little bit with me, or just sit and stay up with me- so I'm not going through it all alone.
Depression and anxiety are uncontrollable. It comes in waves, making my emotions and body react in ways that are foreign to me. Foreign to the girl inside. I miss her. Slowly she's coming back. I see glimpses of her every now and then. Sometimes she stays awhile. Other times she hides.
My chaos, my depth, and my intimacy all go hand in hand. I love that you accept all that I am and encompass. My complexities, my beauty, my imperfections, my intellectuality, my insecurities, my humor, my stubbornness, my sensuality, my deeply emotional over thinking mind, and my body you crave. All of this makes me fall in love with you over and over, and deeper than I thought ever possible."
--©️Michele McKenna, Simple Elegance

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