JST,PST policy and shortcoming in teaching Test


Karachi: 6 October 2021: Sindh Education and Literacy Department conducted tests through Siba testing service (STS). In which there was a flaw in the passing criteria. This flaw was particularly in Junior Elementary School Teacher test (JEST). If a candidate qualifies to obtain 45% in each section/subject and 55% overall aggregate, but he obtains 4 marks in General Knowledge(Gk) or computer portion as they are of 10, 10 marks respectively, will he/she be considered fail? As, the 45% of 10 is 4.5 which is not possible to obtain.

Either one can get 4 marks or 5 marks. So, it should have been mentioned in the advertisement that in subjects such as Gk and computer the 45% is 4.5 and as it's not possible to get 4.5 that's why candidate may obtain 50% in these particular subjects. If, the concerned authority did not do that then they should have made 4.5 marks possible for candidates. Lastly, if (according to the recent declared result by STS) they have only passed those candidates who have obtained 50% in Gk and 50% in computer.

Which shows that 50% marks was the passing criteria for Gk and computer then it's really really very difficult to fetch 50% marks in Gk and 50% in computer and 45% in remaining subjects also 55% overall aggregate.Therefore, I recommend some solutions that concerned authorities should round off 4.5 marks to 4. Or else, they should merge computer and Gk which will resolve the issue of round off and one who obtains 9 marks out of 20 marks will be considered as pass. Moreover, they can even relax the 45% policy in each subject. One more very important suggestion to Sindh Education and Literacy department is that the qualifiers of this test are really diamonds so they should be treated as diamonds.

They must be provided all the perks and privileges which they deserve so that they may not have any temptation. Also, their salary should meet the intelligence criteria which was demanded from them during the test. They should also be provided scholarships for PhD. In this way they will never switch to any other job and also the future of education in Sindh will prosper.NOTE: I don't support any particular group. I wish all hard workers may get their seats. Also, I hope after their appointment they will keenly work for the betterment of nation!


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