Jibran Nasir Abducted from Karachi , Wife made a video statement for his release.


Karachi: 2 Jun 2023: Lawyer and rights activist Jibran Nasir has been "picked up by unidentified men" in Karachi, his wife Mansha Pasha told in a video. Jibran Nasir is Lawyer, Political Activist, Pakistani. Lead Campaigner at Never Forget Pakistan, Trustee Elaj Trust. She has cotested election, and have been very vocal about the Human Rights, and minority rights.

Nasir, who contested the 2018 general elections from Karachi as an independent candidate, has been vocal in his criticism of the recent state crackdown on the PTI as well as the legal process involving those who allegedly took part in the riots. He was listed in 2013 by the Foreign Policy Magazine amongst three Pakistanis doing inspirational work against sectarian violence.

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