Job Selection process and preparation is painful on rejection it kills candidates

Hyderabad: 22 February 2022: We thought that FIA is a credible institution and it will not play with the abilities and talent of many aspiring candidates. Look at the blur and vague merit lists for selection, where no one is still understanding the criteria of slection. There were sixty MCQs: one hour time and 1 mark for each MCQ. But the result today shows obtained marks out of 70. Where these ten marks are coming from. If these are for your physical, then there was no physical in clerical staff like LDC; UDC; and Assistant.
The scales are also changed, Assistant was grade 15 job which is now 14 scale on the merit lists. The legacy of incompetence, injustice and blur recruitment process is present even in this department. This result is a disgrace to many hopeful candidates who are now hopeless at the hands of this bloody system.

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