Joyland made it to the Oscars


Mehrab Moiz Awan
Hyderabad: 22 Dec 2022: Joyland has made it to the Oscars, and might possibly win given it's already successful track record on all platforms where it was shown. It's Saim's first ever movie.
Alina has walked the red carpet in over 5 countries, has interacted with big Bollywood and Hollywood names, and is on IMDB. On the first day of her shoot, she showed up in torn clothes and bruises from a violent attack on her.
Both individuals have been heavily attacked in Pakistan ever since Joyland was politicized by jealous charlatans. Yet they are thriving, succeeding, and amassing laurels. Do you think industry people are gonna be happy that a young first time filmaker and a transgender woman who has danced mujras her entire life are suddenly getting all the praise and recognition? Lol, let me tell you - they're already seething in rage.
This is an important lesson for all young Pakistanis - do what you're passionate about without giving 10 Fs about the society around you. They'll bully you, they'll demean you, they'll throw crap at you, beat you, violate you, catcall you, cuss you, and bring you down. But you do you. Make that film. Do that dance. Sing that song. Paint that art work. Laugh. Live. Love.
Create joy!
In a country hard wired to take your happiness away from you, this is how you resist.

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